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Module: Subproject Details

project can be divided in subprojects (phases of a project for example)
For more information about subprojects, please visit the Subprojects page.

To Deactivate a Subproject

To deactivate a subproject, and make it unavailable in the timesheets of your employees, click on the Deactivate button in the bottom-right corner:

Deactivating a subproject will only make it disappear from the timesheet; all hours recorded for it will remain in your reports.

To Delete a Subproject

Once the subproject has been deactivated, click on the Delete link.
Deleting a subproject is only possible when no time records have been recorded for it (except during the 30-day trial after you create a BeeBole account).

To Reactivate a Subproject

When a subproject is inactive, click on the Activate button in the bottom-right corner.

To Move a Subproject from One Project to Another (within the same company)

Click on the drop down list under Belongs to and choose the project you would like to attach the subproject to.
You can only move a subproject under certain conditions. Read about these conditions and the effects.