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Module: On Time Submits

This module is part of the On Time feature which allows you to motivate your employees to submit their timesheets on time through a system of rewards.

The On Time Submits module can be used by employees to know their current "On Time" balance.
Administrators can also use it on the screen of an employee to know the current balance of that employee or to apply corrections.

Current balance

Display the current balance of the employee.

Apply a correction (Only available to Administrators)

In some cases there might be corrections to be applied (For example, an excused late submission).
  • Define the correction to be applied filling in the Correct the balance by field.
  • Add a Memo for the correction
A Reset button is also present if you need to reset the balance to the starting balance. This will erase all history.

FAQ Link

Clicking on this link will lead you to the URL defined in the On Time Settings module.

Show details

Clicking on this link will display a list of all the events having impacted the current balance. (On Time or Late checks, corrections)
In case of corrections, the Memo will be displayed in the first column.