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Module: Exclusive Members

Feel free to review the options available in Access rights and authorizations before using this module.

By default, every employee can record hours against all projects, sub-projects or companies defined in the system. 

However, you can limit the access to a project, sub-project or company for a certain group of people with the module Exclusive Members module when looking at the company/project/subproject screen or the Exclusive Member Of module, when looking at the person screen.

The project, sub-project or company will now only appear for these members in the timesheet module drop down list. 

To start using the Exclusive Members module:
  1. Go the company, project or sub-project screen you want to limit the access to (Read how)
  2. If not present in the screen, add the module Exclusive Members from the catalog into your screen (Read how)

Adding Exclusive Members

You can add employees one by one using the Add a new person button or directly add a larger population by selecting an existing group of employees by clicking on Add groups. (To know more about Groups)