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Module: Tasks

Tasks are generic items that will be available in combination with all customers/projects once defined. 

These are configured for your company via the Settings page (Link available in the top right corner of your screen for all admins).
If you have multiple branches in your organization, you can setup different Tasks for each branch.

Define the tasks

The tasks are global for all the staff working in your organization.

They are useful:
  • if you want to do cross customer/project reporting
  • if you want to set a billing price on common activities
By default the system comes with 3 tasks.
You can rename them or add other tasks.

Specific tasks or no task for a customer/project/subproject

If you want to limit the tasks available or simply disable the use of tasks for a particular company, project or subproject, 
you can achieve this using Specific Task.

Deactivate/Delete tasks

By deactivating a task you will be able to prevent anyone to use it in their timesheets while keeping all historical records where the task was used.
Deleting the task is only possible when no record has been stored on this task. If records exist and you still want to delete the task, you have to delete the records first.

To deactivate/delete a task:
  1. Go with the mouse over the task, and click Display
  2. Under the task details module, click on Deactivate, then Delete

Use tasks in timesheets

Once you have defined the tasks for your company, they will be mandatory in the timesheet.
If you don't need tasks in your timesheets: set all tasks as inactive or delete the unused ones