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The Holidays module allow you to define the public holidays of your company for each year.

By default, the module will be present in the Settings screen for each administrator.
To navigate to your Settings screen, just click on Settings in the top right corner of your screen.
If you do not see the Settings link in the top right corner, you are not an administrator of your account.
If the module is not present in your screen, just add it from the catalog. (Read how to add a module in your screen)

Define your public holidays

Select the year you want to define the public holidays for

Select the month, day and give it a name

If you wish to delete a row, just click on the X button on the left of the row.

Public Holidays in Timesheets

Public Holidays will appear in red in the timesheet, just like week-end days.
If you move your mouse over the day, the name will appear (in the weekly and monthly view. The name will always be shown in the daily view)

Employees will still be able to record hours on these days, would they have worked during a public holidays.

Several offices, branches with different public holidays?

If you have employees in several countries, you might want to define different lists of public holidays for each of them.
This can be done using branches.

Just use the Holidays module on the branch company screen.
All employees belonging to the branch will have the list of public holidays defined on the branch instead of the ones defined in your account settings.