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Module: Custom Module

You can add content to the home screen, the page of a client, a project or other people.
This content can be static HTML or come from a web server either public or within your own organisation.

This is rather technical but if you want to link content from other sites, here are some examples:

1. Static HTML

This will allow you to add any kind of messages to your app in the format you want.

HTML example:

<div style="padding:0 0 2em 0">
<div style="background:#DEF;padding:2em 1em">
Type your content here with any <b style="color:#A46">formatting</b>

2. Static content inside your network ( intranet, or own web server )

For instance a user guide, that explain when/how to fill the timesheets, and the rules that apply.
Who to contact, etc.
And place this content below the timesheet for all employees.

3. Dynamic content from outside your network

For instance, to add your google calendar(if you have one) next to your timesheet, to remember what you did.Add a Custom module, and for the address, copy paste this:{[0]}

It means go to the calendar of, and pass the email as a parameter, #{...} is the parameter part
#{[0]} will be replaced by the email in this case.

Type the special keyword #{} in the url field.
The available values will appear, eg: link
Then #{link} will show the available options, and so on.

Here an example in agenda format:;showNav=0&amp;showDate=0&amp;showPrint=0&amp;showTabs=0&amp;showCalendars=0&amp;showTz=0&amp;mode=AGENDA&amp;wkst=1&amp;src=#{[0]}

4. Dynamic content from inside your network

Another example, could be to pull some data about a project:
For this you need a web site available on your network or public that delivers a web page about the project you want.
For instance giving the id of the project, would provide a detailed page, with milestone, objectives,...{eid}

5. Make templates for employees and managers

Once you have configured a custom module you can push it to your employees and managers.
Using the module User screens to build screen templates.