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Module: Company Details

The Company Details module is present by default on company pages.

You can use it to update the:
  • company name (the name displayed everywhere the company is used: reports, timesheet records, ...)
  • company ID
You can also deactivate/activate a company or delete it.

Using a Specific ID for a Company

BeeBole will automatically generates IDs for all companies, projects, subprojects, ...

However, you have the option to define a specific ID for each entity using the ID field.
In that case, the ID displayed in your reports will be the ID defined in the ID field and not the automatically generated ID by BeeBole.

It will be useful if you want to a company across different apps for example.

If you need to add more information on a company, please have a look at the Custom Fields module.

Deactivate/Activate a Company

Deactivating a company allows you to make sure no one can record time against it while keeping all your historical data recorded on the company.

Just click on the Deactivate button in the bottom-right corner to deactivate the company.
It will instantly disappear from the selection of companies in the Timesheet.

The company will remain in your reports since the historical data are kept.

If you have projects/subprojects under the company, they will also be deactivated if you deactivate the company.
A warning message will be displayed in that case.

To reactivate a company, just click on the Activate button in the bottom-right corner of the module.
The button will only appear if the company is deactivated.

Delete a Company

Only a deactivated company can be deleted.
If a company is inactive, a Delete link will appear.

Click on it to delete the company and all the hours recorded on it.

Warning: the possibility to delete a company with hours recorded on it only exists for accounts in trial.
If you want to delete a company with all its records and your account is trial account, contact