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Module: Authorizations

Feel free to review the options available in Access rights and authorizations before changing this module.

This module allows you to change the different modules the users can see.
And the list of modules they get when they click Customize ( to add/remove modules on their pages ).

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.
If it is not present in the page, click Customize, and add it to the page.

The authorizations are defined for the different user groups.
Choose first a User group: Employee, Team leader, Project manager and Contractor are available for now.

A list of the current authorizations appears.

How to add authorizations?

The authorization module allows you to give the rights to see a module in a page.

For instance: the module Approval on the page of People - **All**

To do so
    1. Pick for Module: Approval
    2. Pick for Entity group: **All** under Person
    3. A read only can appear if available for that module.
    4. Tick it for a read only access for the module.
This authorization we just added, just means the Approval module will be available in the pages of all people.
For this user group, eg: Project Manager.

But that does not mean the user will be able to approve all people. 
The user will only be able to approve: 
1) The people that recorded hours on project she manages 
2) The people that may belong to her team

The rights to see their team or their projects is defined by the modules Team or Project Manager.
Here are some explanation on how these roles work.

Other functions:

  • Delete: To remove an authorization, click the delete link at the end of the line.

  • show all: Clear the filters and show all authorizations for that user group.

  • Reset authorizations: if you click this link, you will return to the default authorization provided when you signed up.
    Beware there is no undo, and your custom authorizations for that user group will be lost.

Design the page layout each user group will get:

If you remove or add modules to the default ones we provide.
You may consider building user screen templates for each user groups as described at:

A special remark about the Home page

The home page is different than the other pages.
It is at the same time the own page of the users, for instance to fill their timesheet.
But it is as well the page that allow them to perform all functions they need to do, eg: make reports on all their data or approve the timesheets.

To give the rights of a module to the Home page, you need to select Entity group: Person - **Self**