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Module: Absence Details

Absences can be selected by your employees in their timesheet.

Absence in days

It is possible to define absences in days. Quotas for absences in days will be defined and consumed in days.
Absences in days can only be requested via the Time Off module.

To Deactivate an Absence

And make it unavailable in the Timesheets of your employees,
Click on the Deactivate button in the bottom-right corner:

Deactivating an absence will only make it disappear from the timesheet, all hours recorded on it will remain in your reports.

To Delete an Absence

Click on the Delete link once the absence has been deactivated.
Deleting an absence will only be possible when no time records have been recorded on it (but during the 30 days trial when you create a BeeBole account)

To Reactivate an Absence

Click on the Activate button in the bottom-right corner, when an absence is inactive.