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Module: Absences

The Absences module will allow you define the different absence types available in your employees' timesheets, or in the Time Off module.
If no absence types exist in the system, the absences list will not appear as an option for selection in timesheets.

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.

Define Absences

By default the system comes with 3 absence types: 
  • Holidays
  • Leave
  • Sickness
You can rename them or add more absences. To rename an existing absence, click on its name and then change the name in Absence Details.
Note that when you create an absence, the option "Absence in days" will appear under Absence Details. This means that the absence cannot be tracked in hours, and therefore it will not appear under the absence options in an employee's timesheet. Said absences will only appear in the Time Off module.

Deactivate/Delete Absences

By deactivating an absence you will prevent people from using it in their timesheets moving forward, while also keeping all historical records of when the absence was previously used.
Deleting the absence is only possible when no record has been stored for it. If records exist and you still want to delete the absence, you will need to locate and delete these records first.

To deactivate/delete an absence:
  1. Hover over an absence and click "Display"
  2. Under Absence Details, click "Deactivate" and then "Delete"

Use Absences in Timesheets

If you have created absences, an absence section will appear in the dropdown menu in your employees' timesheets. Employees can record time on these absences just as they would for any other project or task.

Use Absences in Time Off Module

The Time Off module offers another way to track and approve absences. It is recommended for Time Clock users, whereas Project Tracking users may find it easier to continue recording absences within timesheets.

Read more about how to use the Time Off module here.

Absence Quotas

Additionally, you can define absence quotas for each absence type and for a specific date range.
Absence quotas help you control the number of absences remaining for a given period for each of your employees.

Please refer to the Absence Quotas documentation for the configuration.