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Define which absence types (Leave, holidays, sickness, ...) employees can record in their timesheet 

Absences Details
Change an absence name, deactivate it or delete it
Define a quota for some absences. And let the system check the balance and prevent recording hours over the allotted time.

Manage your subscription, download your data, attach your account to Google Apps, delete your account, ... 

Add a company
Add a new company( customer or a branch of your own company)

Add a person
Add a new person. It can be a staff, a contractor or a contact person

Add a project
Add a new project to a company

Set the address of a person, a project or a company

API Token
Get your API token

Get a weekly or monthly overview of all the timesheet of your team. Approve or reject submitted hours.

Define which module your users can access

Bank details
Add a bank account to a person or a company

Billing methods
Define how you want the time to be billed, per customer, project, task, people,...

Set budget on your project. In time or money.

Budget status
Check if your projects are under budget

Chart & Table
Fetch all sort of data in a table or charts. Use the predefined reports, or extend/build them yourself

Company Details
Main data for a company, name, ID,...

Current employment
Tell which company a person is working for, a role, and a comment

Custom fields
Update the value of your customer fields and give access to others than admin to update these values

Custom fields settings
Create custom fields for your employees, projects, customers...

Custom module
Allows you to add external content to your screens, eg: Google calendars, inbox, ...

Email, phone, url
Store emails, phone numbers or urls for people and companies

Exclusive members
Restrict the access to a customer, a project or a subproject to some staff only

Exclusive members of
Restrict the access to a customer, a project or a subproject to some staff only

Export settings
Set up the header, footer and paper format of your PDF exports

Google docs & folders
Allow you to link google folders to a person, project or company

Assign groups to employees, customers, projects, ...

Groups Settings
Groups are categories you can set up in the system, such as: Departments, Locations, Matrix organization, ... to extend your reporting capabilities or speed up selections of large population

Define the public holidays applied in your company or in each branches of your company.

Import clients, projects, tasks and people

Sets localization settings, such as timezone, country, date format, ... for companies, project or people

On time settings
To configure the On Time feature which allows you to motivate your employees to submit their timesheets on time.

On time submits
Display a status of your On Time balance.

The list of people working for a company

Person details
Main screen for a person with name, picture, status,...

Project details
Main screen for a project, with name, start date, comment, ...

Project manager
Assign manager(s) to a project

Manage the project for a company

QuickBooks export
Export your timesheets to QuickBooks

QuickBooks settings
Configure QuickBooks integrations

Used for navigation in BeeBole, it displays companies, projects, employees you recently navigated to, with an option to show all entities too. 

Create timesheet data reports and export them to PDF, spreadsheet or Google Drive

Schedule Assignment
Assign schedules to companies or individuals.

Schedule Details
Update individual schedules. Define duration, time ranges and automatic breaks.

Schedule Settings
List and define work schedules.

Standard cost
Allow you to set a standard cost on staff. This is useful if you want to evaluate the profitability of working hours.

Divide your projects in subprojects

Subproject Details
Change a subproject name, deactivate it or delete it

Specific tasks
Limit the tasks available for a customer or project.

Task details
Define some cross customer/project activity. To get cross customers/project stats.

Get the list of the tasks.

Is Team Leader Of (Team)
Setup an org. structure. Define who is the leader of a team. And restrict timesheet approval and reporting data to the teams.

Team calendar
Display in a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly calendar the hours done by your team or your colleagues.

Time Clock
Clock in and out. Track working time.

Time Off
List and request absences.

Enter and submit time, in a weekly or monthly view.

Time clock settings
Update time clock related parameters.

Timesheet settings
Define various settings related to the timesheet: reminders, max/min quantity,...

User details
Data of the user. Reset a password. Invite new users. Remove access to a user.

User screens
Choose the modules you want your user to get by default using a template user.
Disable the possibility for some groups of users to change their screens.

Work schedule
Display schedule linked to the employee.