Link your BeeBole account to a Google Workspace Domain

If you do not have a BeeBole account

  1. Go to the BeeBole page on the Google Workspace Marketplace
  2. Click on the Domain Install button at the top of the page to install the app on your Google Workspace domain
  3. Follow the steps given by Google
  4. Make sure to launch BeeBole at the end of the process when proposed by Google to create your account

If you already have a BeeBole account

If you already have a BeeBole account and want to link it to your Google Workspace domain.

  1. Sign in manually to your BeeBole account
  2. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Locate the module "Account" and click on "Google Apps Integration"
  4. Type your Google Workspace domain name (eg: and click on the Add button
  5. Go to the BeeBole page on the Google Workspace Marketplace (The link will be provided after clicking on the Add button)
  6. Click on the Domain Install button at the top of the page to install it and follow the instructions provided by Google

How to log in BeeBole with my Google Workspace account?

Once your BeeBole account and the Google Workspace domain are linked, all users of your Google Workspace domain 
will be able to connect to BeeBole through the Google Workspace menu available in all Google apps.
Look for the small squares in the top right corner of the Google navigation bar.
A link to BeeBole Timesheet will appear at the bottom with other apps installed from the marketplace.

You can also go to BeeBole Sign In page and click on the "Sign In with Google" button.

Alternatively, you can add an url like this one to your intranet:
Replacing by your actual Google Workspace domain.

Whatever the log in option used, if your email exists in several BeeBole accounts, you will be presented with a list 
of these accounts to choose from after clicking on the Log in button.

As any other Google Apps, you can decide which domain and organization have access to BeeBole 
or not via the Google Apps administration panel.


  • When using the Google Workspace authentication, you do not need to import your employees.
    New users that do not exist in the system are added automatically, when they use it for the first time.
    The default profile assigned to them is Employee.
    You can change it later to Team Leader, Project Manager,... in their User Details.

  • If your subscription limit is reached, each new user will be added as inactive, and can't fill a timesheet.
    You can increase your subscription and activate them in their Personal Details.

  • Beware, if you added some users manually.
    Typically while you were testing the app. To avoid any duplicate person in the system the emails in BeeBole, must match exactly the Google email addresses. eg: is not the same
    Even if the user can receive emails on both, they are different for the system.