When I open an exported CSV file, all data appears in a single column

When opening a CSV file exported from BeeBole, your spreadsheet editor (for example, Excel) may show the data in a single column instead of nicely splitting it into several columns.

This is because CSV files (Comma Separated Values) split data into columns using " , " as a separator by default. However, in certain countries, the default value used as a separator is " ; ".

So, what should you do if your computer expects " ; " instead of " , "?

  1. Go to your Settings page by clicking on the link in the top-right corner of your screen (you must be an admin)
  2. In the Localization module, change the "List separator for exports" field from "coma ( , )" to "semicolon ( ; )"

Alternatively, you might want to change the Regional Settings of your computer if this occurs for multiple apps that you use.

For example, in Windows:

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.
Click “Customize”.
Enter “,” for “List Separator”