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The Absences module will help you define the different absence types offered for selection in your employees' timesheets.
If no absence types exist in the system, the absences list will not be shown in the timesheet for selection.

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.

Define the Absences

By default the system comes with 3 absences: 
  • Holidays
  • Leave
  • Sickness
You can rename them or add more absences.
To rename existing ones, just click on the absence name and change the name in Absence Details.

Deactivate/Delete Absences

By deactivating an absence you will be able to prevent anyone to use it in their timesheets while keeping all historical records where the absence was used.
Deleting the absence is only possible when no record has been stored on this absence. If records exist and you still want to delete the absence, you have to delete the records first.

To deactivate/delete an absence:
  1. Go with the mouse over the task, and click Display
  2. Under Absence Details, click on Deactivate, then Delete