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Account Settings

This is where you can manage your account parameters: timesheets settings, regional settings, tasks, absences... 

Click on "Settings" in the top right corner pf your screen. Please note that the Settings link will only appear for administrators of the account.

Modules available

  • Account - Manage subscription, integrations, download your data, invoices, ...
  • GDPR - To manage GDPR obligations for European companies
  • Localization - Define your regional settings
  • User Screens - Define new default screens for your users
  • Timesheet Settings - Manage the timesheet behaviour, reminders, approval, notifications, ...
  • Authorizations - Change default authorizations for employees, managers, ...
  • Tasks - Create new tasks
  • Absences - Create new absence types
  • Holidays - Define public holidays
  • Groups Settings - Create groups of people, projects, ... to use in reports and configuration
  • Custom Fields Settings - Create custom fields to use on employees, projects, ...

Multiple settings

If you are a multinational or a group of companies, offices located in various areas, you can configure different settings for each of your legal or geographical entities. 

For example, your main company is in the US, USD is your currency, and 01/25/2011 is your date format. 
But you have also a branch in the UK, GBP is their currency and 25/01/2011 is their date format.

Simply use the same settings modules in the various company screens to do so. 
Note that a company has to be of the type "Your own company or branch" in the Company Details module.

The modules enabled for multiple settings are: Localization, Timesheet Settings, Tasks, Absences, Holidays.

If you apply specific settings to a one of your branch company, this will overwrite the settings defined on the main company (the first company created when the account was created).