Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

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Dear Riddle Brook School Families,

Below you will find our dismissal plan. This procedure will ensure that children are being picked up by an authorized parent or guardian. As always, we appreciate your continued support and partnership in meeting the needs of your child(ren).


Molly McCarthy, Principal

Matthew Munsey, Assistant Principal


Dismissal Procedure (Parents may enter the gymnasium at 2:15 PM)

  1. Parents will need to provide a note to their child(ren)'s teacher(s) indicating that they will be "parent pick-up." You may do this on an as needed basis, or for an extended period of time (i.e. Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the duration of the school year). In addition, you may call the office requesting that your child(ren) be on the parent pick-up list for that day. At this time, you will be asked to provide us with the name of the parent/emergency contact picking up your child. This will provide us with an extra measure of safety during dismissal time.
  2. All parents picking up their child(ren) at the end of the day will need to enter the gymnasium (stage side) through the outside door marked ENTER.
  3. Students will be lined up at the opposite end of the gymnasium.
  4. Parents will go to the first table to sign their child(ren) out and a teacher on duty will call out your child(ren)'s name to meet you.
  5. You will then exit out around the second table to the other gymnasium door marked EXIT, where a duty teacher will take your dismissal slip.