We are looking for volunteers to help us with both Math and Science lessons! 
No Experience Necessary!

Math Information (Grades K-4):  Many of our teachers use Australian Math Tasks in their classrooms and may like your help!  Are you interested in choosing tasks and leading small groups in hands-on problem solving?  This training will help you learn where to find these tasks in the Math and Science Center along with helpful tips in leading students.  Please sign up for a date below!  You can check with your child's math teacher if they are looking for an Australian Math Task volunteer.

Science Information (Grades 1-2)

During the months of January – April, John Boucher, our K-8 Math and Science Coordinator, comes in to teach our students hands-on science and engineering lessons. He brings with him a team of parents so that our students have the opportunity to work in small groups with an adult to help them.  He will be training parents for these fun activities on multiple days to accommodate your schedules. 

Training sessions are scheduled for November 17, November 29, and December 1.  You only need to attend one.  

The training will focus on an introduction to Australian Math Tasks in addition to an overview of the science and engineering activities.  You will practice asking (and answering) good questions to help our students through the activity.

Time Commitment:  We are looking for parents that are willing to attend ONE of the training sessions along with helping us bring fun and exciting science and math lessons to our students.  Time in the classrooms is flexible based on your availability.

Please sign up for a training session HERE.

Contact Anne Southwell with any questions (southwella@sau25.net