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Welcome to Physical Education at Peter Woodbury School. I am very excited about working with you and your child during the upcoming year. I know we will have an exciting and rewarding year in physical education. The physical education curriculum that your child will experience this year is based on the national and state physical education standards and best practices in teaching physical education.  Throughout the year I will use school notes to inform you monthly what is happening in physical education class. I will post fitness calendars, all school and grade challenges and any other special projects that we will be involved in.

Because you are an integral part of your child's education, I feel home- school communication is of vital importance. There are several ways you can help your child succeed in physical education this year the following are some simple ways to start.

1. Ask your child what he or she learned in physical education each week. This simple routine will help your child to review class material and for you to determine if your child is concerned or having problems with anything in physical education.

2. Please help your child establish a regular time and place to get some physical activity outside of the school day.

3. Please help your child come prepared to physical education class this year by wearing sneakers that tie on the foot or fit snugly and cool comfortable clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, sweats, or jogging suits. Wearing layers is suggested in case we go outside for class.

Class Happenings

  • Field Day is June 8th with a rain date of June 9th Field Day activities for grades 1-4 will take place on Thursday, June 8th with a rain date of Friday, June 9th. The third and fourth grade field day will take place in the morning from 9:00 to 11:00 and field day for first and second grade will begin at 12:00 and end at 2:00.Sunscreen and appropriate dress are suggested. Please have your child wear cool comfortable clothes such as: sneakers, shorts, a class color or theme appropriate shirt, and a hat. Your child should also come to school with sunscreen and bug repellent already applied at home. Children should bring a water bottle and an extra change of clothes and towel just in ...
    Posted Jun 1, 2017, 8:20 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • In May we become terrific Tennis Players The terrific tennis players here at PWS are working on racquet and ball handling skills in class this month.  We discussed the difference between forehand and backhand.  We named the parts of the racquet.  Identified the parts of the court and discussed scoring.  The partner rallies and modified games kept us all on our toes.
    Posted May 18, 2017, 8:32 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • Jumping Rope for our Hearts In April we are continuing to jump rope practicing partner routines and Long rope jumping games.  The all school jumping assembly will be April 20th at 1:30.  The fourth graders will be showcasing their jump rope routines and the winners of the New Hampshire state jump rope contest will be announced.  We will also announce the total amount of money raised for the Jump rope for Heart Fundraiser.
    Posted Apr 7, 2017, 9:04 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • March Madness brings Jump Roping to the gym March Make your heart smile, Jump! I'm sure you have heard by now that the month of March brings jump roping to the gymnasium for all the students at Peter Woodbury school.  You should be seeing an increased interest in jump roping this month.  The students at PWS will be participating in the New Hampshire State Jump rope contest this month.  The first graders jump forward, the second and third graders jump forward and backward and the fourth graders jump crossies and speed jumps.  I will post the contest results next month.  This unit promotes individual competition and introduces personal goal setting.  The students will go on to learn individual jumps, partner jumps and long rope jumping skills.
    Posted Feb 24, 2017, 8:51 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • January and February Gymnastics/Fitness The next two months the students in all grades will be working on increasing there strength and flexibility while working on tumbling, balancing, climbing, jumping and landing,  Later in the month the gymnastics apparatus will come out which will include balance beam, horizontal bar, floor and vault.  The students will put together mini routines and proudly show there peers there best effort.  The creative movement , fitness and gymnastic related activities allow the students to display personal and social responsibility focusing on safety, diligence, respect and self control.
    Posted Jan 17, 2017, 9:02 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • December - Volleyball During the month of December the children at Peter Woodbury School have worked on volleyball skills.  We have been working with beach balls and volleyball trainers to help make it easier.  They have practiced how to strike a ball setting and bumping to themselves, with others and over a net.  We also have learned how to serve a ball underhand and played modified games such as Newcomb. We also will discuss a little history behind the game.  Ask your child who invented volleyball, how many years volleyball has been around. Did you know that volleyball is a mix of basketball, tennis and handball? At the end of the month the students will be given ideas on how to get fit
    Posted Jan 17, 2017, 8:58 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • November brings bouncing balls to the Gymnasium November we are thankful for our Health The children this month will be working on some basketball skills.  They will be practicing ball handling, dribbling, passing and shooting.  Ask them what makes a controlled dribble and what a successful pass looks like.  When the students practice shooting I will introduce the acronym B.E.E.F which means balance, eyes, elbow and follow through as a guide.  We also will discuss a little history behind the game.  Ask your child how basketball was invented, where and by whom?
    Posted Oct 31, 2016, 10:21 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • October Throwing and Catching October in the Gym is Spooky The students in grades 1-4 focused on overhand, underhand, sidearm and vertical throwing.  We all tried our best to hit the spooky targets in the gym while stepping with our opposite foot aiming and following through.   Throwing to a partner and catching takes a lot of cooperation and communication. The children enjoyed activities such as station work working with the equipment frisbees, koosh balls, bean bags, footballs, and scoops.This month will end with the famous Halloween themed obstacle course in the haunted gym.  The students will focus on swinging over the spiders, balancing over the snake pit, riding through the graveyard, crab and bear walking through the bat cave, rattling the bones ...
    Posted Sep 30, 2016, 9:06 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • Testing our Cardio Respiratory Endurance in PE What is the P.A.C.E.R and the Straw Run? The students at PWS are working on cardio respiratory endurance focusing our lessons on pacing ourselves and staying in the yellow zone. We have been using our heart rate as a guide to know when to speed up and when to slow down. When in the red zone the students know to use their breath and other tools to calm their bodies down.  The third and fourth graders will take the P.A.C.E.R (progressive, aerobic, cardiovascular, endurance run)  The P.A.C.E.R test is a fun alternative to a distance run test measuring aerobic capacity.  The object is to run as long as ...
    Posted Sep 30, 2016, 9:01 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • September brings Team building and Growth Mindset This month we have been playing cooperative and competitive games which increase your heart rates with physical activity, learning game protocols, and playing by the rules.  The students are playing many old favorites and learning some new games while practicing their skipping, galloping, sliding, jumping, hopping, walking and running while dodging, fleeing, and using personal space.  If you ask your kids what cooperation looks like in the gym they should say working together, sharing equipment, taking turns and listening to others ideas.  If you were to listen to the children cooperating you would hear children saying thank you, please and how can I help? Another topic of discussion in class has been Growth Mindset verses Fixed Mindset. When you have ...
    Posted Sep 9, 2016, 4:33 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • Welcome Back to Physical Education Welcome back to school!  I am very excited about working with you and your child during the upcoming year.  I know we will have an exciting and rewarding year in Physical Education.  The Physical Education curriculum that your child will experience this year is based on state and national Physical Education standards and best practices in teaching.  Throughout the year I will update this website to inform you of what is happening in Physical Education class.  I will post physical education curriculum, fitness calendars, all school and grade challenges and any other special projects that we will be involved in.  Please help your child come prepared to physical education class this year by wearing sneakers that tie on the front ...
    Posted Aug 22, 2016, 8:19 AM by Jessica Ferenc
  • New Hampshire Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year 2015-2016 In recognition of outstanding contributions in the discipline of elementary physical education I was given the great honor of being selected as the elementary physical education teacher of the year.  My goal as a Physical Education teacher is to teach children how to be self-disciplined, independent, life-long learners. I enjoy teaching elementary physical education because the children are enthusiastic, responsible learners who are respectful of self and others.  I strive to create a positive atmosphere where children are comfortable and can feel good about themselves.  I encourage learning through a multi-sensory approach. Teaching and learning are enhanced when the arts are used to help students learn. This is an important part of my teaching philosophy.  I also ...
    Posted Aug 22, 2016, 8:20 AM by Jessica Ferenc
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