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Memorial School's messages of the Month:
Aug/Sept: - Peace and Respect
- Everyone Can Learn!
Oct: - Responsibility & Being Bully Free
- My Brain is Like a Muscle that Grows!
Nov: - Gratitude & Kindness 
- We Love a Challenge!
Dec: - Friendship
- I Can Problem Solve!
Jan: - Tolerance
Feb: - Managing Our Feelings
- I Can Ask for Help
March: - Optimism
- Mistakes are Opportunities for Learning!
April: - Perseverance
- There's a Difference Between Not Knowing and Not Knowing Yet!
May: - Peace: Patience
June: - Peace: Courage
Peace and grit take courage

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To report an absence, call 603-627-1776 and press 1

Mr. Philip Schappler



Mrs. Beth Purcell

Assistant Principal


Mrs. Deborah Gelinas

Administrative Secretary

603-627-1776 ext 23200


Mrs. Susan Christensen

Administrative Clerk

603-627-1776 ext 23201


Mrs. Lisa Pleat

Guidance Counselor

603-627-1776 ext 23206


Mrs. Anna Cook

School Nurse

603-627-1776 ext 23204

Our Staff