5th Grade Student and Parent Information

Dear Parents of Grade 5 Students,

McKelvie Intermediate School offers a program for students with exceptionally strong math skills known as Excel Math. This course is a compacted program of sixth and seventh grade mathematics offered within one year. Students who qualify for Excel demonstrate that they are ready for a significantly increased level of instructional rigor and pacing by showing mastery in basic math skills and mathematical thinking tasks. Historically, these students can be categorized as possessing:

·      High motivation and willingness to accept new challenges

·      Excellent study and organizational skills that allow them to work independently

·      Abstract reasoning

·      A love of mathematics

Regardless of whether or not a student qualifies for Excel in sixth grade, families will be able to decide the level of acceleration in grade 7.

The screening process will take place within the school day, here at McKelvie Intermediate School.  Decisions will be made after the entire process is complete and you will receive notification of the results.  Screening for Excel placement includes quantitative reasoning, basic number sense, spacial reasoning, and problem solving skills.

Students who do not enroll in the 6th grade Excel program are still eligible for the Math Apps program.  This program offers extra support and enrichment to excellent math students.  Furthermore, all students in grade 6 will start to use a different math program from previous years, called  BIG IDEAS.  This program in continued through our complete Pre-Algebra and Algebra progressions at Lurgio Middle School.  Most students find this program challenging!

If you feel your child may be a potential candidate for the Excel screening and you would like him/her to participate in these assessments, please download the permission slip and return it to your child's math teacher.  If you have questions, please discuss them with your child’s math teacher or contact me at boucherj@sau25.net. 


John M. Boucher
K – 8 Math & Science Curriculum Coordinator