Skill of the Week: Sustained Attention

Sustained Attention is the ability to  attend to a task for long period of time without letting distractions or boredom get in the way.

Lessons that we have introduced to your child are…

We all have “time thieves” in our lives.  These are are things that distract you from your task resulting in your work not getting done in the time you had planned.   We encourage the students to pinpoint what their personal “time thieves” are.  Some common examples for this age group are:

  • Their Cell Phone

  • Chromebook or Computer

  • Television, at  home

  • Siblings

  • Friends

A few of the strategies that we teach to help students not lose the battle with these “time thieves” are

  • Set a goal of what you want to complete, make it short, at first

  • Decide where a good place to work is; minimize your distractions, for example, turn off your cell phone or place it out of sight while you work.

  • Clear your workspace. Only keep out what you need for that one assignment.

  • Give yourself a “mini reward” after you complete your goal, perhaps allow yourself 5 minutes to check your texts and snaps.  Be sure you time this break, then return to the assignment, and set a new goal.

Extensions that we have introduced to your student are...

  • Strict Workflow- Allows for 25 mins of work and then 5 mins of free time. This extension blocks popular games, youtube, facebook, pinterest, and other distracting websites. It is fully customizable and allows for other websites to be added or removed based on what the student is working on. Parents and students can also customize the length of time that students can work for. *Once you download the extension and click the tomato, the timer starts.

  • Ad Blocker Theme- Blocks ads on websites when students are doing research.  These ads can truly be distracting.

Click on the link below for detailed information on how to download and use these extensions at home.