Skill of the Week: Organization Part 2


When we need to communicate ideas, needs, opinions, it is important that our message is clear and can be understood as we intend it. As students mature and the curriculum becomes more complex and abstract, the ability to frame and order our communications becomes more difficult yet more important.

During the next week, we will be demonstrating assorted apps and methods for organizing thoughts and words. These provide simpler, concrete methods for composing structured paragraphs and essays, for annotating readings in meaningful and structured manners, and for coherently expressing ideas and opinions.

Again, it is important that students select a method that works for them, so the plan is to present multiple methods for them to try out.  


Lucid Charts for Education is a FREE website that has an amazing assortment of templates for taking notes, planning an essay, creating charts and graphs, and many other graphic organizers.  The link for this is  

Go ahead--check it out with your son or daughter.  Explore it with them, “play” with it.  Create a timeline, cluster map, or flowchart.  Check out the “Essay Sequence Planner” and “Interactive Periodic Table.”  You may even find something that you can use for work. We will be introducing the students to this site this week and will utilize it numerous times through the year to complete various assignments. With repeated use, students will become more skilled and confident in its applications.

There is a smaller, companion version offered as a chrome extension which has a multitude of tools to use to create your own graphic organizer.   This is an extension, only available with Google chrome.  It is also free.  The students are encouraged to add it to their drives on their chromebooks.   The link for this is