2014 Student Committee 

"Our Mission is to provide teenagers and their parents with the opportunity and skills for improvement of understanding and communication, thereby building or enhancing trust and self-esteem.  In doing so, we will be helping parents and teenagers deal more effectively with the issues and concerns faced by today's families.  We believe that we accomplish this mission by offering a wide variety of interactive workshops administered by leading New England psychologists, educators and other professionals."

Kiernan Alati

Ella DiTomaso

Cora John

Hannah Richmond

Lily Bromley

Henry Crawford-Eng

Aidan Livingston

Nico Romano

Turner Brown

Emma Guerette

Rosemary Marr

Meghan Scott

Lucas Codair

Clarence Heng

Maggie McCoole

Emma Jane Tagliaferro

Tom Conaton

Nick Hughes

Jack Moore

Emma Danes

Quinn Hutchins

Lucian Mumpini

Noel Desmarais

Emma Jacobs

Nicole Petrut

The student committee is comprised of energetic, thoughtful and dedicated students who support the steering committee and strive to uphold the mission of Stand By Me.  They help raise money and awareness of the Stand By Me program and help make critical decisions about content and structure of the actual event day.