2020 Steering Committee

"Our Mission is to provide teenagers and their parents with the opportunity and skills for improvement of understanding and communication, thereby building or enhancing trust and self-esteem. In doing so, we will be helping parents and teenagers deal more effectively with the issues and concerns faced by today's families. We believe that we accomplish this mission by offering a wide variety of interactive workshops administered by leading New England psychologists, educators and other professionals."

2020 Steering Committee Members

Denise Boyle

Darby Bruno*

Cindy Detscher

Donna Dennis

Wendy Emerson

Susan Fanburg*

Nate Fellman

Beth Fitzgerald*

Lisa Giroux

Sue Jennato

Ed Joyce

Jeanne Marie Kraemer

Debbie Labrie

Lisa Lewek

Smitha Shetty

Jennifer Williams

*2020 Committee Co-Chairs