2018 Steering Committee

"Our Mission is to provide teenagers and their parents with the opportunity and skills for improvement of understanding and communication, thereby building or enhancing trust and self-esteem.  In doing so, we will be helping parents and teenagers deal more effectively with the issues and concerns faced by today's families.  We believe that we accomplish this mission by offering a wide variety of interactive workshops administered by leading New England psychologists, educators and other professionals."

Shana Potvin*

Lisa Giroux

Susan Fanburg

Sue Jennato

Tracy Richmond

Sally Thomas

Lisa Nash

Jennifer Williams

Debbie Labrie

Cindy Detscher

Julie Casper

Anne Lewis

Karla Polce

Liz Fischer

Elizabeth Beskar

Wendy Emerson

Ed Joyce

Bill Demers

Al Fredette

Beth Fitzgerald

Donna Dennis

Barb Tsiaras

Emma Seidler

Elliot Pope

Anne Marie Pepe

*2018 Chair