School Climate

posted Nov 10, 2016, 6:56 AM by Donna LaRue
The Positive Asset we will explore this week is Caring School Climate.  When students walk into the Lurgio Middle School, they are able to see the office secretaries, Mrs. Cronin and Mrs. Doyle; the nurse, Mrs. Chessie;  and the guidance staff, Mr. Fredette, Ms. Mullen, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Dapolito, Ms LaRue and Mrs. Stone.  More often than not, the hallway is filled with music from the band and chorus room, located just feet from the main entrance.   During the day they see many adults in the school in addition to their teachers.  Our custodians, media center staff, technology teachers, cafeteria workers and additional staff members seek to create an atmosphere of kindness and acceptance in our school community.  Ask your child to compare the atmosphere they experience at school with the weather.  We all hope their responses will be something like "warm and comfortable".  One way you could add to the atmosphere and become more involved in our school climate is through the Parent, Teacher Group.  By following this link, you can learn more about the PTG and all it offers to add to your child's experience in school.  Please click here is the link to this week's article.