Parent Involvement in Schooling

posted Nov 15, 2016, 7:01 AM by Donna LaRue
This week's focus on parental involvement in schooling is a look at the sixth and final asset in the 'Support' Category.  Here, at Lurgio Middle School, the focus has always been on preparing and educating the whole child.  Developmentally, it is during this period of time that skills are identified and students begin to focus on strategies necessary to build additional strengths for the fast approaching high school years.  Although their increased individuality and independence is evident, there are still many ways parents may choose to participate in their child's schooling.  While we foster and encourage self advocacy skill development with our middle school students, we also celebrate and honor ways in which parents remain an active part in our school, while giving needed space to their children.  Volunteering to chaperone a trip such as Cardigan Mountain is an opportunity to share like experiences with your child as you help out a camp group separate from your child's homeroom.  Participating in the PTG is a rich and valued experience, as is the Stand By Me Committee that organizes and facilitates the full day family workshop event for all seventh graders.  As your child becomes more independent, please consider how you will stay involved with the language and culture of their school climate.  Attending sporting events, theater/ musical performances as well as other school community offerings, albeit sitting separately from your teens, is a wonderful way to keep in touch with and share their experiences.   Click here for this week's Asset Newsletter article titled "Staying Involved in School".