Family Communication

posted Oct 12, 2016, 8:11 AM by Donna LaRue
It seems like the older our children get the more difficult it is to have heart to heart talks with them.  The dreamy eyed children who sat on our laps, hanging on every word, now begin to role their eyes, or avoid eye contact all together.  These developing young adults are forming their own individual ideas on how they will forge their own paths.  During this changing, and sometimes challenging time, feel confident in the seeds you have planted to this point.  Your influence on your children will be more pervasive and important than any other relationship in their life.  No matter what your life at home is like (calm, cool and collected or never-ending, stressed out and disorganized) rituals can be a wonderful way to provide a safe, structured and consistent communication between you and each of your children.  So whether you have a family dinner together every night,  take the dog for a walk with your child every Thursday evening, make pancakes with them every Sunday morning, or stop at a local coffee shop on your way to school on Tuesdays... creating something that is just between you and each of your children will be as important to them (in the long run) as it will be for you and your connection to them now.  Click here for a link to this week's article on "Family Communication".