Caring Neighborhoods

posted Oct 24, 2016, 7:54 AM by Donna LaRue
Now that your child is in middle school, both they and you will surely be looking for ways they can feel more productive as they enter into young adulthood.  Progressing into their teenage years happens rapidly and is out of your grasp before you know it.  During middle school years, children still accept their parents' involvement in their activities. You are, no doubt, the driver, the cook, and often friend of the family to your child's peer group.  As they get older they become much less dependent on your involvement in their affairs.  Planning for this ultimate change in direction is key to a solid, healthy and well adjusted young adult.  

While they are still able to be guided and nudged along by you, please consider creating allies for both you and your children... right in your own neighborhood.  Finding adults whom you trust, and who appreciate your children, are resources that will be invaluable to your kids and to your own peace of mind.     

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