Ms. LaRue's Website

Donna LaRue is a Lurgio Middle School Counselor (S-Z). She is a NH Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Guidance Counselor.  Ms. LaRue is the advisor for Lurgio's S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club and works with the entire student body in developing resiliency strategies during middle school. 

IN THE NEWS:  E-Cigarettes/ Vapes

You can contact me during school hours at (603) 310-9101 x 34429 or

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one struggling with issues related to substance abuse or addiction please check out the following links:
  • This link  introduces you to Heather Hayes.  She is a world renowned interventionist and works regularly in New England. 
  • This link from Hazelden describes "What's A Family To Do".  Check out their website by visiting
  • This link describes the opioid crisis in America.
  • This link to the Marijuana Talk Kit provides parents with everything needed to handle questions and engage in meaningful conversations with your children about marijuana.
  • This link to 6 parenting practices that will help reduce the chances your child will develop a drug or alcohol problem.
  • This link to American Addiction Centers describes a 12 bed Rehabilitation Center in Henderson Nevada.
  • The only Nation Recovery Lifestyle publication for and about people living in recovery.  Click here for more information about RENEW Magazine.
            Please contact me to find other resources if you need support living with and loving an alcoholic/ addict.