Important documents such as the BHS CAS Handbook, the IB CAS Guide, and the
BHS CAS Portfolio Requirements are attached at the bottom of this web page.

About CAS:
CAS is not about a certain number of hours, or about doing work to get noticed.  Instead, it is the work that IB Diploma students should WANT to do--to improve themselves, to improve their communities, and to improve their society as a whole.  These experiences can be large or small, can take many weeks, or just a few hours--but they are all intentional experiences that allow you to reflect on the growth of who you are as a participating member of a community.  

These are not tasks, they are ways to solve the problems you identify in our society.  Instead of thinking about what you have to do, think about what problems you want to participate in the solution for. 

CAS Activities need to speak to at least one of the following "strands":

  • Creativity--Arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking. 
  • Activity--Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, complementing academic work elsewhere in the Diploma Program. 
  • Service--An unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student.  The rights dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected. 

Additionally, over the course of 18 months (August of your Junior year, to March of your Senior year) you need to speak to the following 7 learning outcomes (this is what you are trying to do!): 

Learning Outcomes

Resources to help you with CAS:

Volunteer NH assists citizens in finding the kinds of volunteer opportunities that best meet their interests by linking them with sources of information that can help them target their search.

A descriptive list of the Non-Profit groups serving Bedford, NH

A site that can help with grant money for some of your experiences! 

Volunteer organizations around New England, as provided by WMUR.  

Contact and work with the DECA, Key Club, Science Olympiad, Model UN, Rotary Club, etc. here at BHS! 

CAS Experiences vs. CAS Projects
A CAS Experience is almost anything that you are doing and doing intentionally.  If you are engaged with your community in any are participating in CAS.  

A CAS Project on the other hand is an extended experience--that takes at least a month from inception to completion--and involves multiple people.  

Interviews and Portfolios
During the course of your CAS experience--you are required to sit three interviews with either Ms. Woods or Mr. Cannon.  The purpose and timing of the interviews are as follows: 

#1: work on the understanding of CAS, discuss interests, discuss the student;'s plans, review the learning outcomes, discuss ways to gather evidence and build the portfolio.  This will happen in your Junior year.  

#2: discuss advancements in the student's engagement, provide oversight and feedback on the student's progress, discuss the collection of CAS evidence, provide the opportunity for verbal reflection.  This will happen at the start of your Senior year.
#3: The summative interview for CAS (will be near March of your Senior year).  An opportunity to reflect on the CAS experiences you had (including challenges and successes), what your final portfolio work will look like.    

Additionally, you will ultimately create a portfolio that catalogues your CAS experiences and CAS Project--this can take many forms: a series of journals, a Google Site, a movie, a series of pictures....its up to you!  The purpose of the portfolio is to collect both the specifics of the experiences AND offer a vehicle for you to reflect on the process and projects that you have completed from both a personal and an academic perspective. 

The portfolio should address your profile (who you are), the experiences you had (your experiences and project/s), and your evidence of the work you've done towards the 7 learning outcomes. 
Student CAS Forms:
The forms below are for Diploma Candidates only.

CAS Experience Summary Sheets

CAS Project

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