School Board

BEDFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT • 103 COUNTY ROAD • BEDFORD, NH 03110 • P 603-472-3755 • F 603-472-2567

Formal correspondence to the Bedford School Board should be made, in writing, and mailed to: 103 County Road, Bedford, NH 03110. Correspondence must be received by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to a scheduled School Board meeting, in order to be entered as official correspondence during that meeting. 

The School Board will not recognize correspondence received from anonymous sources.

The School Board may also receive correspondence using the link to their official school email address:

Bill Kassler, Chair (2017)
Phone: 471-0707

Bill Foote (2017)
Phone: 345-9890

Cindy Chagnon, Vice Chair (2018)
Phone: 472-8029

Phil Schappler (2018)
Phone: 472-8638

Jen DeAngelis (2019)
Phone:  666-0031

Bill Klein - Moderator (2019)
       Phone:  488-5358