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Budget Information

This page provides links to budget information for the current year budget development, as well as previous fiscal years. Information on the current fiscal year's proposed budget will be updated as the budget moves through the various stages of development, presentation and approval by the voters.

The budget process generally involves the following steps:

  1. The Superintendent recommends a budget to the Bedford School Board. (November)
  2. The School Board reviews the budget extensively, and may make changes leading to a preliminary budget. (December - January)
  3. The School Board presents their preliminary budget to the voters for feedback at a budget hearing, and then finalizes their proposed budget. (January)
  4. The School Board presents the proposed budget to the voters at a deliberative session in which a majority of registered voters present can make changes to the budget. (February)
  5. Registered voters cast ballots to approve or reject the various warrant articles that have been placed on the ballot following the deliberative session. (March)