COVID-19 Updates

This web page is dedicated to providing our school community with the latest information on COVID-19.  Please continue to check back periodically for the most accurate information. 

Special Education Letter from Special Education Director, Kathy McKechnie

Dear Bedford Families,

This is a new era of instruction and learning for all students. Never before have educators been asked to learn, plan, and provide instruction in this manner. Along with you, our homes have become offices and classrooms and our roles have grown from parent to parent and teacher. I can’t thank you enough for the support and understanding you have offered to your child’s school administration and special education teams as we navigate this new normal.

Priorities:  At this time, instruction and learning are our priorities for all students. Below is a summary of how instruction is being planned and delivered with final emphasis on establishing and maintaining good communication.

Planning instruction:  Regular and special education teachers and therapists have been collaborating through Google meetups and other remote modes to design lessons that will engage students and move them forward in their learning. Their lesson plans exemplify their ability to use technology in creative ways. Let them know how these lessons are working for you and your child. Your feedback is important. Communicate your ideas. 

Scheduling instruction:  By now your child’s special education team representative and related service providers have contacted you and outlined a plan for remote instruction. Together you have designed a schedule that will best meet the needs of your child, taking into consideration the responsibilities you have as a family parent/guardian. This plan is not written in stone. The days and weeks ahead may bring new situations to your family that require the schedule to be changed. Let your team know. Communicate that message.

Delivering instruction: Teachers and therapists are delivering instruction through the use of a variety of remote learning methods including but not limited to Google classroom, Flipgrid, telephone instruction and consultation, hands-on packets, video modeling and live video. You may be a techno expert or rookie. Let your team know your comfort level with the different modes available. Your teachers also range in their comfort and knowledge with different modes of technology. Work together. Communicate your level of comfort so you can determine the best strategies for all of you.

Communicate: Email is the most effective way to communicate with your child’s special education team.  However, there may be times when you wish to speak directly with a team member. You may have questions or you may be facing challenges that you need help with problem solving.  Let them know. They are there for you. Tell them what is on your mind. This is a time for partnership and communication. 

Closing Thoughts:

Technology, as an instructional tool, has been available to students for decades, but only now has it become necessary to utilize it for all. Family engagement is proven to have a significant positive impact on your child’s learning. Your ongoing support and partnership with your child’s educational team will help maximize this positive impact.

In the days ahead, I will provide you with information about how the district is addressing special education processes. 

Stay safe, stay strong.and have a restful weekend. 

Kathy McKechnie

Director of Special Services

Bedford School District

Remote Learning Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

Remote Learning 3.23.20

Dear Bedford Families ~

I know.  If you get one more email...

I have three very important, quick hits.

1. Click HERE to give your child permission (or not) to be able to have virtual face time with their teachers (Due Date: Wednesday, March 25th).

2. A reminder that students are not in school because we do not want people together in crowds.  This is also true for school playgrounds, basketball courts, and fields.  Allowing students to gather in large groups defeats the purpose.

3.  I hope remote learning went well for you and your kids today.

Have a great evening,

Mike (Superintendent & Happy there are no more snow days to call because we are already home).

District-based Communications

If you have missed any of the following district messages updating the community on this situation, below are the communications for reference.  These messages were sent via our mass communications platform SchoolMessenger and posted to our Facebook page.

Previous Updates:

Device Pickup

An additional Chromebook pickup time has been added for grades one through six for families who need a device for their child.

Date: Monday March 23rd


9:00 am-10:30 am

2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Location:McKelvie School-Please come around to the back of the school for pickup.

Nutrition Services
The Bedford School District Food Service Department will be providing grab n go breakfast and lunch for all students in the community at no charge. Pick up will be available 9am-12pm at the High School front entrance. 
PLEASE fill out the Food Service Meal Order Form (Link is below). Deadline for pre-ordering is 2pm the previous day. Please know that pre-ordering is a must in order to ensure you have meals. If pick up is an issue please contact Emily Murphy for delivery options.
Contact Emily Murphy at for any questions or concerns. 
For additional meal and food support the Bedford Community Food Pantry has extended their hours from 9am-1pm. 

Local, State, and National Resources: