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  • Class of 2019
  1. Look at the subject guides here or download the 2016 complete EE Guide here
  2. Read Exemplar Essays here
  3. Permission slips can be accessed here: Geisel Library 
  4. Mandatory reflection
  5. BHS EE Handbook
  6. Online Thesis Builder
  7. BHS RQ's
  8. Rubric help & Assessment criteria
  9. Help writing your EE
  • Use these documents to help you when writing your paper:
1.  Title page, TOC template
2.  Developing your research question

For Supervisors
  1. Supervisor Reflection form
  2. Supervisor responsibilities. Supporting the essay.
  3. Vive Voce starters
  4. Class of 2018 Rubric help and assessment criteria
  • The Extended Essay is an in-depth research study on a limited topic within one of the six subject areas. The central goal of the extended essay is to provide students with an opportunity to engage in independent research and writing skills expected by universities. Emphasis is placed on the research process of formulating an appropriate research question, engaging in a personal exploration of the topic, communicating ideas and developing an argument.

  • Basic Information…

    · A 4,000 word study on a topic of interest.

    · Candidates select topic within a subject area and then narrow the topic down to a focused research question.

    · It is mandatory for all Diploma Candidates.

    · The paper presents an extended argument, supported by research that reaches a conclusion.

    · Essays will be externally assessed by IB.

    · Students are supported throughout the process with advice and guidance from a faculty mentor

    Extended Essay Subjects

    The subject of the extended essay must be chosen from the list of IB approved subjects. Since IB specifies the range of permitted subjects, certain topics may not be allowed for an extended essay. The subject chosen does not have to be one of the subjects being studied by the candidate for the diploma, but it is advisable that the candidate has sufficient knowledge and skills within that subject. Candidates should also base their choice of subject on the level of personal interest they have in that area.

Extended Essay Timeline
Make sure all of your documents are in your IB Team Drive folder

Junior Year

The IB Coordinator and EE Advisor will give a presentation on the nature of the Extended Essay and expectations. You will then need to start thinking about possible areas you want to write your essay in and use the month of January to read subject guides and one or more of the Extended Essays that are available in the shared IB Google Drive.

You identify subjects and possible topics. It might be helpful to discuss these with subject teachers. At this stage we expect you to develop ideas and identify research material. 

ASSIGNMENT: Subject Guide commitment. Assign supervisors.

Pre-search, fine tune topic, conference with Mrs. Gilcreast.

ASSIGNMENT: Return permission slip for university field trip.
University field trip. 9-2 during school hours. Permission slips must be signed and returned to the EE Advisor to attend. You can find the permission slip on the BHS Library website.

You will have your Supervisor match. You should then contact your supervisor to arrange your first meeting to discuss the topic and first steps.

ASSIGNMENT: Complete and upload to Google Classroom your first Supervisor reflection. This must also be included in your Google Drive folder in the IB Team Drive.
ASSIGNMENT: EE outline with bibliography due and submitted to Google Classroom.

ASSIGNMENT: Complete and upload to Google Classroom your 2000 word draft
ASSIGNMENT: Complete and return your permission slip for the
University Library work day, all day 8:00-2:00. Please find the permission slip on the BHS Library website.

ASSIGNMENT: Submit the first 4000-word draft to the EE Coordinator (via Google Classroom) and Supervisor (via Google Docs). The EE Coordinator/Supervisor will review your paper and return with comments before summer break.
ASSIGNMENT: Complete and upload to Google Classroom your second Supervisor reflection.

Summer Break
You should devote a part of the summer vacation to researching, reading and revising the draft of the Extended Essay.

Senior Year

ASSIGNMENT: Complete and upload to Google Classroom your final polished paper.
ASSIGNMENTComplete and upload to Google Classroom your second Supervisor reflection.
ASSIGNMENT: The submission of the Essay will be followed up by a 15 min. interview, a viva voce, with your EE Supervisor (you need to schedule this meeting). During the interview you will discuss your research, your material and what you learned during the process of writing the essay. Your Extended Essay is now complete and will be mailed off to the IB. You will hear results in July.