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Citing your work at BHS


RefMe will provide you with MLA, APA, and Chicago for free. The RefMe Chrome extension has already been added to your BHS Chromebook.

RefME is a free referencing tool for storing all your references. Use it to generate accurate references at BHS, allowing you to export an assignment-ready reference list into your work.
Watch this video for a brief overview of what RefME can do.

Getting started with RefME
You will be asked to sign up for a free account - please use your BHS email address.

You can then select the reference type you wish to add and search for it, scan in details (where possible) or add it manually.

Scan book barcodes into RefME using an app on your phone to autogenerate references quickly (download app forAndroid or Apple).

Use RefMe's WebClipper to cite web resources as you browse (a Chrome extension). Your references will sync across all devices you use.

Getting help
If you need help with RefMe, please see Mrs. Gilcreast in the library.


EasyBib will provide you with free MLA citations only. The Easybib extension has already been added to your BHS Chromebook.

Using your preferred web browser, go to www.EasyBib.com. We recommend you create or log in to an account to ensure your work is saved properly, but this is not required to site a source. Use your BHS username and password.

Note: If you are brought to the project page after logging in or creating an account, please click the "Easy Bib: by Imagine easy" in the top left corner to return you to the main search screen.

As we're citing, click the tab among the list of source type options. Type in the title or paste the URL, and click "Cite It" to the right.

3. Select the appropriate title from the list, and click "Cite This" to the right of the desired result.

4. Review the autocited material, adding any information you desire in the citation but was unable to be generated automatically. Click "Create Citation" at the bottom of the information list.

5. Congratulations! Your properly-formatted citation is ready for you to review and use.