Ski and Ride Club

BHS - Ski and RIDE Club

Advisor: Betsy Doyle 

Tami Hoffman, Jim Salge, Tiffany Nardino, Dan King, Casey Clark, Sam O'Connor

Current Registration - SKI AND RIDE CLUB:  FULL!
Available Spaces: 0 !

Next club meeting: Wednesday 12/6 @3pm in room 237

Mandatory Full Club Meetings - 1st Wednesday of the month @3pm in room 237

Club Officers for 2017-2018:

- President: Seemona Petrenko

-Vice Presidents: Andy Genese & Gavin Hailey

Secretary: Brian Haines

Congratulations to all who ran!

Students not in the Ski & Ride Club may still purchase a pass through the school and pick it up from Mrs. Doyle after 12/15.

Info for the 2017-2018 ski season:

General  Club Info:
We ski on Fridays beginning 1/5 for 5 weeks.

Busses leave outside the Gym Entrance promptly at 2:50 pm


*Please purchase your pass from Pat's Peak by 11/15 to avoid a $25. late fee!

Follow this link to purchase your ski pass:

Access Code:   bedfordhigh2018 (case sensitive).

See Mrs. Doyle in Room 237 with questions.  

or Email:

Who we are:   We are a group of 60 BHS students that ski or snowboard together on 5 Fridays in January /Early February after school at Pat’s Peak.

Sign Up Process:   The first 60 students that return signed permission forms and pay for the bus transportation ($60.00 check payable to BHS) are in the club.

(Forms are attached at the very bottom of this page)

Signups will continue until we reach our capacity of 60 students.

Registration for Lift Ticket:    Registration is held on the Pat’s Peak website and Opens October 2nd.  

Registration must be completed online at

Follow the link to “Learn to Ski and Ride” section.  

Once the student has paid the bus fee, they should enter this year’s username (Bulldogs) and password (snow) to register.

Register for your ski pass online by November15th to avoid a $25. late fee charged by Pat’s Peak.

More information:  Contact Mrs. Doyle at:

Check the club website often for Updates!

Bus fee for 2017-2018 is $60.00

Pat’s Peak Prices for 2017-2018 Ski and Ride Season:

5 Fridays of Ski and Ride:   $120.00

5 Fridays - Lift & Lesson: $175.00

5 Fridays - Lift & Rental: $175.00

5 Fridays - Lift, Lesson & Rental: $220.00

* all rates increase by $25 after 11/15/17


Pat's Peak Info



As we gear up for our next ski season please keep the following in mind:

1.   All ski equipment must be in the storage hallway before school each Friday.  The hallway will be opened at 7am and locked at 7:55am.

2.  The hallway is opened again at the dismissal bell and we all meet outside at the Gym entrance to the school where we board the busses.

3.  Busses leave at 2:55 so get your equipment and be ready to board the busses right after school.

4.  All ski equipment must be loaded from the rear and stored in the last 5 rows of each bus.  The aisle must be kept clear at all times for emergency exit.  ALL Students sit 2 per seat.  The busses will be full!  I will give you your ski pass on the bus.  There is a charge for a lost pass so make sure it is attached to your jacket securely!

5.  Students are encouraged to come off the mountain by 8pm and assemble with your equipment at the shelter by the busses by 8:15pm.  We load equipment and leave the mountain at 8:30pm sharp!  Don't be late! Students should be picked up near the Bulldog Corner Traffic circle at approx. 9:15pm

***Just a quick reminder to parents and students: Pats Peak offers FREE equipment and bag check.  We HIGHLY encourage you to use this ! We have had a few students have things stolen.  Please understand we at BHS and Pats Peak are not responsible for your students items!  *


All participating students will receive 8 School Activity RWL Hours!  

Keep in mind that students need to ride the Ski and Ride bus a minimum of 4 of the 5 weeks that we ski to receive their hours.
See Mrs. Doyle in Room 237 for your form after 2/15/18



Anyone with financial need should contact Mrs. Doyle.

Informational Meeting are held:
during Monday Advisory in Room 218.

Monthly meetings are 3pm in Room 237 
on the first Wednesday of every month.

All students are welcome!

We had a fantastic 5 weeks at Pat's Peak last year!

Many thanks to all who participated and to the teachers and staff that served as chaperones!

For more information and forms contact: Mrs. Doyle @ (or Room 218 during Advisory)

Bonus Ski Day Info:


The Pats Peak Bonus Day is a tradition of the Learn to Ski and Ride program. This exciting benefit is offered in goodwill by Pats Peak, Cranmore and Bretton Woods and allows students a Junior FULL DAY/ALL LIFT ticket to all three NH mountains.

This offer is valid Monday, February 19, 2018 through the end of each mountain's respective ski seasonValid for students onlyNot valid for Coordinators/Chaperones.


Pats Peak Bonus Day: Bring your Learn to Ski & Ride program tag to Snowsports School and redeem for your FULL DAY/ALL LIFT Junior ticket. Weekends are included but Saturday night POP is EXCLUDED. Pats Peak offers free rentals for those who rented equipment during the program.  Does not include lessons. 

Cranmore/Gunstock Bonus Day: Students MUST bring BOTH their program tag and free ticket voucher to any ticket window to obtain their lift ticket (Not valid for rentals, lessons or chaperones). Vouchers are obtained from your program coordinator, or stop into the Snowsports School with your program tag and obtain voucher. Does not include rentals or lessons.

Not transferable.
Pats Peak Logo
Cranmore Logo
Gunstock Logo


Info from 2016 - 2017 School Year:

Signups began October 3rd and continued until the club filled with 60 Participating Students!

Club Elections were held Wednesday 11/2/16

*All voting club members received 1 RWL for Democracy in Action *

Club Officers for 2016 - 2017:
President:    Cam Hailey
Vice Presidents:       Seemona Petrenko
                        Andy Genese
                       Matt Greene
Secretary:     Eric Juliano


For additional information on the Ski and Ride Club please contact

Betsy Doyle:

Here are some exciting things we are working on for this year:

*  Day Trips to larger ski areas

*  Fundraising for the Adaptive Ski Program at Waterville Valley  

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month after school at 3pm.

All BHS students are welcome to join!  The first 60 students to sign up once registration opens are in!

Any questions?  Email me:  or  See Mrs. Doyle in Room 231 on Red days, 218 during Advisory!

A limited number of Club Hoodies are for Sale:

$55.00 each

$65.00 with Name embroidered on sleeve

Contact Mrs. Doyle for details and available sizes.

------------------**** 2015/2016 ****----------------

Gunstock trip to ski on Saturday 3/19/16
8am - 8pm

You may use your ski coupon and only pay transportation for $48.00 

or add a junior lift ticket for an additional $70  
(An additional adult lift ticket is $82)

T-Shirt raffle on the bus as we head home!

More info and sign up forms will be available beginning 3/4.

** Payment and forms due 3/16 **

Capacity:  30 students

Club Elections were held Wednesday 11/4

President:    Stephen Petrenko

VPs:    Cam Hailey & Aaron Fournier

* Pick up your 1 Democracy in Action Hour for voting! *

Fall Update:  The BHS Ski and Ride Club will continue to go to Pat's Peak!

The Bedford town carpool ski program (also called Ski and Ride!) has moved their destination to Crotched Mountain.  These are 2 completely separate programs.


------- 2014/2015 season info -------

The Ski and Ride Club held their elections for officers for the 2014-2015 School Year!

Our newly-elected officers are:

President:     Stephen Petrenko

Vice-Presidents:    Aaron Fournier & Erika Rutherford

Fundraising Chairperson:    Emily Burton


Ski & Ride for the 2013 - 2014  Season

2013/2014 Ski Club Registration

 It has been a fabulous 5 weeks of skiing!

3/17/14:  Waterville trip update:  

We had a fantastic day of skiing and tubing!   We will likely do this again next year!  

We did have a ski pole mix up.  If you went home with someone else's ski pole that does not match your own, please bring it to room 237 and I will arrange a switch back!

Trip Chaperones:  Mrs. Doyle, Mr. Munroe & Ms. Slaughter

Thanks to ALL who came on the First Annual BHS Ski and Ride Club Spring Ski Day at Watervilley Valley!


I am planning an outing for the club to Waterville Valley to ski on Saturday March 15th!

 The cost will include transportation, Pizza dinner, fireworks and a one hour tubing session.  The cost is $118.00 and is limited to 50 students.  There will be a BHS staff member for each 10 students on the trip!

Details:  Meet @ BHS by 6:15am - We depart promptly at 6:30am
Return to BHS at approximately 10pm.

Registration Forms are available in Room 237.  

3 Forms are required for this year.  

 Registration Deadline at Pat's Peak is 12/13/13.  After that date a $25.00 late fee is charged. 

Once the 3 forms and the bus payment are turned in you will receive the information you need to purchase your ski pass on the Pats Peak web site. 

  Ski and Ride will take place on Fridays over 5 weeks from January 3rd - 31st.

Passes ordered from Pat's Peak will be distributed on the bus on the first Friday of Ski and Ride (January 3rd).

Any questions?     See me in Room 237!

Mrs. Doyle

Listen for an Announcement for our next informational meeting and/or Check this page frequently. 

Sign up info will be given out at all meetings.  


Please see me in Room 237  or send me an email for all required forms.

** Ski and Ride Bus arrives @ 2:45 - We depart BHS @ 2:55pm  **

** Please remember to make sure I have all 3 Forms ASAP.  No student will be allowed to ski without these forms  **

1.)  BHS Club Participation Agreement

2.)  Ski and Ride Behavior Agreement

3.)BHS Medical Emergency Form for Travel



After the ski season is over......

Every student in the BHS Ski and Ride Club should stop by Room 237 and see me for Their RWL Sheet for the club.  Each club member is entitled to 8 Real World Learning Hours in the category of School Activities.

PATS PEAK Bonus Days: 

Bring your 2013 Learn to Ski & Ride program tag to the Snowsports School to have students tag validated and receive your free lift ticket. 

Valid lift ticket days and times: 

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, OR, 1:00 pm to close 
Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. 
NOT valid SATURDAY NIGHT POP 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

If you rented during the program, you may rent the SAME type of equipment for bonus day. 

NOT valid for lessons. 

Mount Cranmore & Gunstock Bonus Days: 

Bring BOTH your Learn to Ski & Ride program tag and applicable completed voucher to any ticket window. 

Please note: If you arrive at Cranmore and/or Gunstock without both the program tag and voucher, you will not be able to redeem for a free junior lift ticket . Please remember, this is a wonderful bonus to the students of the program. We ask that you please respect their rules for redeeming for the free junior lift ticket. If you have lost your voucher, simply stop by the Snowsports School counter to pick one up before your trip. The Snowsports School is open 1 hour before lifts and 30 minutes after last chair. 

NOT valid for rentals, lessons, or chaperones. 


 * You must present your valid 2013 Learn to Ski & Ride program tag to receive your Junior Full Day/All Lift ticket . 
 * Pats Peak is not responsible for lost program tags. If you lost your program tag, the replacement cost is $10.00. 
 * Program Tags and vouchers are NOT transferable. 
 * Bonus Day tickets have no cash value and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have and thank you for a fantastic season!

Betsy Doyle


* After the season ends (after 1/31/14) 

Please see Mrs. Doyle in Room 237 for RWL hour sheet and (if you purchased a ski pass for ski and ride) your extra ski vouchers for one day of skiing at both Gunstock and Cranmore this winter!  *



If you will be picking up your student from the mountain PLEASE sign them out with one of our chaperones! 

REMEMBER, if you have skipped classes or have discipline issues while participating in this program your pass will be pulled and NO refund will be given!  This also goes for your behavior on the bus and at the mountain, if there is a problem we will pull your pass (if purchased through our club) and cancel your transportation. 

Please remind your parents of this so they are aware of the policy.
Also if you take the bus to the mountain you MUST return by bus to school unless a parent signs you out w/ one of the chaperones at the mountain.  You are only allowed to go home with YOUR parent. 
If your student is late (5+ min) for the bus coming home they will not be able to ride the bus up or back the following week. 

Please also talk to your student about dressing for the weather, following the rules, of not only the mountain but also the rules that they signed, proper bus behavior and finally, encourage them to wear a helmet!


1.)  Students bring equipment and bags with gear to school  – Will they will be locked up for the day?  What room do they bring their stuff to? 

Students will put their equipment in a locked hallway.  It will be open from 7:15 until 7:45 on Friday mornings and then locked for the day. This hallway is located between the Theater and the School Store.

2.)  Where do the students meet after school?  

They will pick up their belongings and head out the back door, to a bus that will be waiting by the back of the school gymnasium entrance.

3.)  Do they change prior to departing?  

They will change at the mountain.

4.)  What time do they depart?  we depart BHS at 2:55 and return back to BHS at about 9:15 at the circle if all the students are prompt about getting to the bus on time.   If a student is late by 5 min without a very good reason, they will not be able to go with us on the bus the following week.

5.)  When do the students receive their passes?   Passes will be handed out on the bus the first day we ski.  After that day the students  will be responsible for them.  Keep in mind that Pat's Peak charges a fee for re-issuing lost passes.  

6.)  Please confirm that Pat Peak has a ski and board check to avoid thefts? 

Yes, they do and we will encourage all of the kids to use this!   It is a free service! 

7.)  What is the location of the ski and board check?  

Both lodges have bag check, and you can't miss the equipment check tent outside.

8.)  Can the students earn Real World Learning Hours which count towards graduation?  

They will get 8  RWL hours as long as they ride the bus 3 of the 5 weeks that we ski.  This is the maximum per year, per activity.   I will have the signed paperwork at the end of the program for each student that qualifies.

 Any questions?   email me at

 Thanks for your support!

Betsy Doyle

Ski and Ride Club Advisor

Sweatshirt Size info:

How To Choose Your Size: Size refers to your actual body measurement. When in doubt or if you fall in between sizes, order a size up.
 Chest Size (inches)
XS30" - 32"
S34" - 36"
M38" - 40"
L42" - 44"
XL46" - 48"
2XL50" - 52"
3XL54" - 56"


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