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Step 5: Completing List of Artifact Chart

Step 3: Creating a Post

Step 4(a): Embedding Google Artifact

Step 4(b): Embedding Non-Google Product

Step 4(c): Inserting an Image

Step 5: Completing List of Artifact Chart


Sharing Portfolio

About Me

Creating Header

Customize Look

Portfolio Playlist (Master List)

Fixing Issues

Written Directions
  1. Go to the List of Artifacts/Projects Page of your site

  2. Select the 'Add Item' button above the chart at the bottom of the page (underneath the tech standards)

  3. A pop up window will appear. Fill in all of the information:

    1. select today’s date

    2. hit the link that says select existing page and navigate to the post you created under the appropriate grade (hit the plus icon next to the grade to see subposts)

    3. choose type of artifact from the drop down menu

    4. choose year of upload

    5. check appropriate technology standards this project meets (this can be found from the spreadsheet where you got the description)

    6. hit the done button