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Step 4(b): Embedding Non-Google Product

Step 3: Creating a Post

Step 4(a): Embedding Google Artifact

Step 4(b): Embedding Non-Google Product

Step 4(c): Inserting an Image

Step 5: Completing List of Artifact Chart


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Written Directions
This will work for ANY web 2.0 tool that is not a Google Product.
  1. Remember, for each artifact, you will need to embed the artifact on your portfolio (meaning it will show and play on your portfolio) as well as provide the link to the artifact.

  2. Open a new tab in Chrome and log into the web 2.0 tool that you used for your artifact.

  3. Once you have found your artifact - look for the words 'embed'. Copy the embed code (it will look like random letters and numbers that will not make sense to you).

  4. Then go back to your post in your portfolio. Hit return key under the curser is underneath the project link you have provided. This is where your artifact/project will appear in the post.

  5. Then, select the <html> button in the grey tools menu in sites.

  6. Paste the embed code in the box that is provided at the bottom.

  7. Hit Update. Then a grey box will appear.

  8. Save the entire post by hitting the blue save button on the top right.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your artifact has the setting ANYONE WITH THE LINK in order for the artifact to be viewed by your advisor or anyone else you eventually share the portfolio with.