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Step 4(a): Embedding Google Artifact

Step 3: Creating a Post

Step 4(a): Embedding Google Artifact

Step 4(b): Embedding Non-Google Product

Step 4(c): Inserting an Image

Step 5: Completing List of Artifact Chart


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This will work for ANY Google related product (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Presentation, Google Drawing, Google Form, YouTube video)
  1. Remember, for each artifact, you will need to embed the artifact on your portfolio (meaning it will show and play on your portfolio) as well as provide the link to the artifact.

  2. Hit return after the link to your artifact. Then, choose the insert menu, then drive, then whatever Google product you want to embed. Search for the artifact.

  3. Google will prompt you with a window of choices. Feel free to choose the defaults.

  4. A grey box will appear. By hitting this blue save button on the top right, your post will not longer be in edit mode - thus you will be able to view your artifact that you embedded.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your artifact has the setting ANYONE WITH THE LINK in order for the artifact to be viewed by your advisor or anyone else you eventually share the portfolio with.