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Step 3: Creating a Post

Step 3: Creating a Post

Step 4(a): Embedding Google Artifact

Step 4(b): Embedding Non-Google Product

Step 4(c): Inserting an Image

Step 5: Completing List of Artifact Chart


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Written Directions
  1. Select the tab that corresponds your current grade (Freshmen Year, Sophomore Year, Junior Year)

  2. Then copy the text above the New Post Button (Highlight from row Project Name to Project). For those of you in class of 2016, please copy the text below.

(copy and paste the following into each post you make)
Project Name: Type the name of the project
Tool/Software: List the tool(s) that were used to complete the project
Course: List the course name
Description: Paste the description that the teacher provided on the 'List of Approved Projects' Google Sheet
Reflection: Type a paragraph reflection on the artifact you created.  Answer the questions "What did you learn?" and "What would you have done differently if you were to recreate the artifact again?"
Project: Provide the link to the artifact and either embed the artifact or provide a picture of the artifact

3. Fill in the appropriate information pertaining to your artifact. 
4. Remember, to get the actual description for your artifact, your teacher has already provided it in the List of Approved Artifacts (Google sheet that you have already opened up). All you need to do is highlight the description cell in the Google sheet and copy it - followed by pasting it in your post on your portfolio.
5. Your reflection should be a paragraph long. There is no right or wrong answer for this but make sure you provide a thoughtful reflection.