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About Me

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The About Me page is meant to give a person a quick overview. This is something that should be updated once a year.

Written Directions
  1. Select the 'About Me' tab in your Portfolio. Hit the edit pencil button to add content to your page.

  2. Highlight the text on the right and replace it with information about you that you want others to know about - (sports you play on, interests you like, subjects you do well in, etc). Don't include personal information about yourself such as birthdate, address, social security number etc. 

  3. Find a picture of yourself that you would like to include. Make sure this is picture of only you as it is your Portfolio. Delete the picture on the left. Then, select insert menu, followed by image. Then find your image and replace it with the one that is there. You can resize the image so that it will fit in the column that is provided by clicking on the image and choosing S, M, or L.