With each uploaded artifact, students must include the following information:

Project Name - Type the name of the project
Tool/Software - Provide to tool(s) that were used to complete the project
Course - List the course name
Description - Provide the description that the teacher provided on the 'List of Approved Projects' Google Spreadsheet
Reflection - Provide a reflection regarding the process/technology that was used
Project - This is where the project gets embedded on the Google Site; or a link is shared

Not sure on what to talk about when writing your reflection?  Here are some question you can think about to help you get started.
  • What did you learn from creating this artifact?
  • Why did you include this artifact in your portfolio?
  • What was most challenging about creating this artifact?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of using the tool/software?
  • Why is this artifact important to you?
  • What does this artifact show about you as a learner?
  • How will what you learned creating this artifact help you in the future?
  • If you were to complete this project again, what would you do differently?
To see a sample of what is expected of students, look at the Sample Portfolio of Work Google Site (located under the Class of 2017-2018 tab)