Over the course of a students high school career, he/she must meet all 6 technology standards listed below.

1. Technology Operations & Concepts
Students demonstrate an understanding of the technology systems and applications available to them and independently select appropriate applications for effective results when producing a product.

2. Digital Citizenship
Students demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning by practicing legal, safe, and appropriate use of technology and information.

3. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Students use critical thinking skills to define and identify authentic problems and/or essential questions for investigation and utilize digital tools to showcase their findings in a meaningful way.

4. Creativity & Innovation
Students will develop original, innovative products while demonstrating creative thinking using newly acquired knowledge with the use of technology.

5. Research & Information Fluency
Students utilize digital tools to research, select, evaluate, organize, and ethically use information that applies to their project’s essential question and/or goal.

6. Communication & Collaboration
Students communicate and work collaboratively with other individuals, near and/or far, with the use of a variety of digital tools and/or environments to contribute to the learning of all involved.