• All students will manage their own Portfolio of Work Google Site
  • Students will be shown how to use the portfolio in their Freshmen courses
  • It is the sole responsibility of the student to make sure their 'Portfolio of Work' is up to date and have meet all requirements
  • Students determine what artifacts/projects they would like to upload to their 'Portfolio of Work' Google Site
  • Advisor will fill out the 'Acceptable Projects' Google Form to notify students what standards the project meets
  • Advisor will conference with advise twice a year to conference and verify that student has meet requirements
  • Advisor will verify requirements through Google Spreadsheet
Collaboration: Project that provides students an opportunity to collaborate with their peers using technology.
Multimedia:  Project that provides students an opportunity to demonstrate
Research:  Project that provides students an opportunity to use databases to perform research; properly cite resources
Individual Choice:  Project that a student chooses to include in their portfolio
Senior Project:  Project that students complete during their senior year

Over the course of a students high school career, he/she must meet all six technology standards.  In addition, each year, students must meet specific requirements for the number of uploaded artifacts listed below.
Freshmen Year
required to have a minimum of 4 uploaded artifacts 
(1 in each category)
Sophomore Year 
required to have a minimum of uploads artifacts
(1 in each category)
Junior Year 
required to have a minimum of 4 uploads artifacts
(1 in each category)
Senior Year 
required to upload 1 artifact
(Senior Project Porfolio)