Please refer to "Vendor rules" for many common questions & answers.  If you are unable to find your answer, please add your question to the comments below.

Q:  Where is the Craft Fair located?
A:  At Bedford High School in the cafeteria (The Commons) and the adjoining hallway.

Q:  Where do vendors drop off/unload items?
A:  Please use the Gym entrance (in the back) or Theater entrance (at the circle in the front/center)

Q:  Where do proceeds from the Craft Fair go?
A:  The Class of 2018 will receive all proceeds.

Q: What is the layout? Drawings are NOT drawn to scale.
A. See  the vendor layout to the right

Q. Will there be food?
A. Yes, there will be food throughout the fair.

Q. Where will the 2016 vendors be?
A. See the space numbers below and view the layout.

Vendors in the Hallway

Vendors in the Commons