Q:  Do I have to attend for the entire session? 
A:  While this experience is not graded, we de prefer that participants attend for the entire session.  This is to ensure that the Bulldog rookie is fully prepared for life at BHS!
Q:  What do I need to bring?
A:  Each participant should bring a notebook and something to write with.  He/she should also bring lunch unless otherwise mentioned.  A change of shoes may be helpful, as we do go outside and participate in some physical activity.  

Q:  What if I have a 504 or IEP?
A:  No problem!  We work with all students and families to accommodate a variety of needs. 

Q:  Do I earn credit for BASE Camp?
A:  While BASE Camp is currently not a credited experience, we do simulate a "graded" experience by providing a rubric with competencies so student's have an opportunity to apply their understanding.  We are pleased to offer Real World Learning hours to each participant for the community service aspect of project based learning component.  Students can enter BHS with a head start on RWL hours!