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We hope you find this website helpful in understanding the services we provide and what the evaluation process looks like in Bedford. 

There are three full time Assessment Specialists that serve approximately 4,400 students, 660 staff in 7 schools. Typically, Assessment Specialists perform individual evaluations on approximately 10% percent of the entire student population, that’s about 440 evaluations each year! 

Assessment Specialists also help school teams develop and revise educational programs for students with special learning needs. We are available to consult with parents and teachers on a host of issues that relate to student achievement. We work closely with classroom teachers, learning specialists, reading specialists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, teacher assistants and parents to address the learning needs of students.

We believe students are unique in their ability to learn.  With that in mind, we strive to provide specific information pertaining to a student’s strengths and weaknesses to better understand how to teach them.

We have held numerous positions in schools, some of which include teachers, learning specialists, special education facilitators, guidance counselors or school psychologists. As important, some of us are parents who understand that this process can produce some anxiety and confusion.  Don’t hesitate to contact us or ask talk to us privately about your concerns or questions.

Please feel free to browse these pages to learn more of what an educational evaluation entails, how to explain this to your student, resources on learning differences and our favorite links. 

 Feel free to contact us:

Riddle Brook Elementary/ Memorial Elementary - MaryEllen Spain   spainm@sau25.net

Peter Woodbury Elementary/ McKelvie Intermediate - Molly Ware  warem@sau25.net
Ross Lurgio Middle / Bedford High School - Jill Garrity  garrityj@sau25.net