Welcome to my webpage.  I will be teaching Pre-AP Algebra 2, Algebra 2, and Algebra I.

Email Address:  SHarris@bedford.k12.va.us

You can reach me at (540) 586-2541 ext 322 between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm or at anytime via email.

My Schedule
1A - Algebra 2                            1B - Algebra 2
2A - Planning                             2B - Algebra 1
3AB Duty
                                                                                                4A - Algebra 2                            4B - Pre-AP Algebra 2

Each student has their own google login and everything from course syllabus, class note sheets, videos, classwork, homework, and formative assessments are available through google classroom.  Due date are also available in google classroom.  

The following are the Classroom Guidelines

Traditional Class Guidelines:

1.   1.)  Students should be in their seat working by the time the tardy bell rings.

2.   2.)  Students should have homework out and on their desk ready to be checked.  Homework will be graded on completion, in order to receive a 100 on a                            homework assignment every problem has to be attempted. 

3.  3.)  You will have a classwork per each class (except summative assessment days), which will be completed by you (not you and a neighbor), and graded for correctness (you           will not be allowed to make corrections – it will be submitted and graded first attempt).  This will be material I have already taught, you have already done homework that          we have gone over.

4.  4.)  NO cellphones will be permitted out during class time.

5.  5.)  There will be NO LATE work accepted.  (Work late because of an absence is not considered late work)

6.  6.)  There are no test or quiz corrections.

7.  7.)  There are no extra credit assignments to help boost your grade (all this does is fluff your grade and does not give a true idea of how you are doing.

8.  8.)  Students will be expected to take the test or quiz on the date it is given in class, whether they have completed the work leading up to the assessment or not.

9.  9.)  Bedford County Public School absence policy will be strictly enforced, so make sure you bring your excuse in the day you return to school.  As long as an absence says        unexcused, I am required to give you a 0 for any assignment due that day, and I will.