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Hasan Core English 9 Research Project

When Zachary Beaver Came To Town by Kimberly Willis Holt

You will be researching the different places that were mentioned in the book.  You might want to brainstorm with a partner or two and write down as many as you can remember as a reference.  You will be preparing a Google Slides presentation and sharing it with Mrs. Hasan in January, 2016.

November 11-13--Find out about the project and write a small paragraph restating the project in your own words.  Refer to the IE Academy Module 1:  Where do I start?
November 16/17--Set up EasyBib project, find sources/images and create citations for each source in EasyBib
November 23/24--Continue looking up facts and images for the 10 places you chose to research 
December--Evaluate at least 5 sources from your bibliography in EasyBib.  IF EasyBib has done the evaluation, then you must write why you think they are right or wrong.  Once that is done, you will take notes.      Mrs. Schatz will show you how to do this using several methods.
January 2016--Finish taking notes and Create Google Slide presentation.  
Final Due Date:  

Places Mentioned in the book (compiled by Mrs. Schatz)

Antler, Texas in the Panhandle of Texas
Amarillo, TX
Nashville, TN--Grand Ole Opry
San Francisco, CA
New York City, NY--Statue of Liberty
New Jersey
Eiffel Tower--Paris, France
London Bridge--London, England
Seattle, Washington--Space Needle
Interstate 40, parts of it are also Route 66
Louvre--Paris, France
North Carolina
Palo Duro Canyon, Caprock Arena--(Dallas?), Lake Kiezer--were mentioned as being near Antler, TX so I don't know if they are real or fictionalized places
Dallas, TX
Drive-in Theater

Other people/items mentioned that you may include:
Summer, 1971
Wolfman Jack
Casey Kasem
Guinness Book of World Records--Heaviest Human
Conway Twitty
Tammy Wynette
Loretta Lynn
Flip Wilson Show
St. Bernard
trailer/motor home

Hasan Sources and EasyBib how-to


Hasan Core English Example ZBeaver novel EXAMPLE


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